Monday, July 6, 2020

Designer tips & techniques

Hope this finds you safe and well.
I am joining with a great group of quilt pattern designers in a Tips and Techniques virtual show for three days on Facebook Live!
My slot is Thursday at Noon.

Here is the schedule of presenters:
Tuesday, July 7th
4:00   Charisma Horton
5:00   Marlene Oddie  
7:00   Jennifer Fulton
8:00   Ebony Love
Wednesday, July 8th
2:00   Annette Ornelas
5:00   Kathleen McCormic
8:00   Tammy Silvers
Thursday, July 9th
2:00  Monique Kleinhans
5:00  Geeky Bobbin

Hope to see you in my comments!! Come say hi

Bunnie Cleland
Triangle Frenzy

Monday, December 9, 2019

Digital Downloads

What's new at Triangle Frenzy®?
Digital Downloads!
This is especially exciting if you have been watching from overseas, waiting for shipping costs to go down.
Currently all my patterns now have Digital Download variations. They are the same as my Printed versions, just enlarged to fit the 8 1/2'' x 11'' pages as most people would print out the patterns.
The exception is the Triangle Frenzy Orchid Parasol that was already formatted to the right size as a booklet.
The larger size is also screen friendly, so no printing is required.
Have you been waiting for Digital Downloads?
Tell me what you think of them.
Have a Frenzy day!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Something New at Triangle Frenzy®

What's new?
Seems like an innocent question.
You have one or more of my patterns, you like it, so you want more. What's new?

Circumstances have conspired to keep me from having something new for a while,  but after a whole week at a quilt retreat, I have come up with something new. Plus a few more ideas.

I'm afraid you will have to wait for the photos.
Suffice to say there are triangles and stripes. Lots of triangles and lots of stripes.

What's new with you?

Friday, November 30, 2018

Pixelating Blog Hop

My good friend Toni (Quiltoni) Smith has introduced me to an amazing side of quilting.
She quilts while streaming on Twitch. (I don't mean what happens to your eyes when someone calls a quilt a "blanket".)
Twitch started out as people broadcasting playing computer games and has expanded to, among other things, broadcasting working on creative things like quilting, knitting, crochet, wood, metal, jewelry, and I haven't even scratched the surface. 
Imagine sitting beside someone doing a creative craft, talking, interacting, and learning!
Quiltoni makes pixel quilts, and has published a book on how to make them yourself.
my favicon

I just had to try one of my own. I just needed a pixel image or sprite.
Eventually I decided upon my favicon, 
That's the tiny little image that shows up next to the name of a website in the bookmarks.

Using the techniques in her book, I skipped ahead and started to design my quilt with 1 1/2'' squares that I already had precut. Until I figured out that I would need six of these for the design I wanted to make.
Thatsa lotta squares.
The first design
 I went back to the cutting table (not the drawing board) and started over, actually following the directions in the book.
I drafted my quilt using Electric Quilt 8, then drew squares and rectangles over the parts that would be combined into squares and rectangles.
 This looks more like the instructions in the book.
Making equilateral triangles into squares
Then I found a roll of tone on tone fabrics already cut into 2 1/2'' strips.I sorted them into 3 groups of 7 fabrics - that's how many colors fit into my design.
Three groups of seven fabrics

Following my diagram, I cut the strips into squares and rectangles.


I laid them out on my horizontal design wall/board in vertical columns.

Design wall layout
 You may notice what I quickly realized. This was not an easy strip quilt. The 60 degree angles required different seams, and several partial seams where the "triangles" came together.

Partial seams

I loved this part of figuring out how to put the pieces together. I was very happy knowing that I didn't have to write the instructions for the sewing sequence.
The puzzle in progress
 I used black to raise the design off the background, then added the strips to square up the sides.

My mid-arm quilting machine made quick work of the quilting, and my machine made quick work of the binding.

Machine Binding
 The finished pixel quilt was done in time to send to Quiltoni for her booth in the Fall International Quilt Market in Houston.

My pixel quilt.

This shows the scale of the quilt.
Just a little secret to share here, It may look like I added the black border to lift the design off the background, but actually, I ran out of that black and could to only outline half the design. Sometimes things work out better with a little imagination.

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We are having a drawing at the end of the blog hop, so check out out instagram and enter the giveaway.
See you next time
Have a Frenzy Day!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Row By Row 2018

I made patterns for two shops this year for the Row by Row Experience ™.
One was for the shop I did last year,
Quilting Sew Easy in Gaffney, South Carolina.

The other is Atomic Fibers in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Photos to follow.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Row by Row Experience ® 2017

I created the pattern for a row!
It is Zip into Quilting Sew Easy in Gaffney, South Carolina.

Zip into Quilting Sew Easy, Gaffney SC. Pattern by Bunnie Cleland of Triangle Frenzy LLC

If you make it in, say hi for me.
If you make the row, I want to see pictures!!