Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#CreativeSprint Day 5

This is a daily creative prompt challenge at:

Day 5

Camouflage something.

(Don't go looking for days 1-4 here... I haven't done them... yet)
Documenting and sharing what you do are essential to Creative Sprint.
Take a photo of what you make today and share it on your blog, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Be sure to include #CreativeSprint hashtag to be connected to all the other sprinters.
    This will also be a Social Media challenge for me.

I started this late in the day today, so that I could see what others had posted.
It's not cheating, that is how I gather inspiration for anything.

Find the needle in the pin stack.
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Needle in a Pin stack
This was a bit harder to photograph than I thought. I wanted to make sure you could actually SEE the needle. Web resolution may not show the eye of the needle, you can see that it doesn't have a head like a pin.
CLICK on the image for a larger image!
I had to keep re-arranging the pins for the best camera angle to see the eye.
That process is made much more difficult when my pincushions are magnets so the pins get magnetized!
Now I'm off to try to post this on facebook, instagram and pinterest!

*Update* One of my quilting friends identified the "hand" needle! That is in contrast to the "machine" needles that she promotes!! This is right after I explained the difference between pins and needles to someone else!
OK here, too. Limiting my description to Quilting notions.
Pins and Needles are both made of metal and sharp at one end, made to pierce fabric.
Pins have "heads" at one end, shown here as yellow or blue glass balls. Pins are used to hold fabrics together until a hand or machine needle is used to sew them together, then the pins are removed.
Needles have an "eye", through which thread is placed. There are many different sizes, points, and thicknesses of needles for many different fabrics and threads.
A hand needle will have the eye at the opposite end of the sharp end. Used by hand to sew together fabric. Also known as "Slow Stitching"
A machine needle is used in a sewing machine. It is much larger at the end that is inserted into the sewing machine.