Monday, January 12, 2015

Blog hop?

Hello, all.
My fellow designers are encouraging me to start a blog. If you know me, you know that first I had to learn what "blog" actually meant:

Blog, short for Web log -  a regularly updated website or web page . . .  that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Once a month is regularly updated, right?

Now I've been encouraged to share my Studio. I have only recently started calling it a Quilt Studio. It used to be called my craft room. I've always done crafts, but with our last move, I actually claimed an entire room. Floor to ceiling shelves on one wall. Space to leave the sewing cabinet open with my sewing machine. An ironing board on call to one side. A chair for a friend to sit and chat, or for me to watch television in my rare spare moments.
Then send a child off to college, and presto! another room. Now I have a "Design Studio" also. But wait, we are installing a wood floor in the dining room, so guess where all the STUFF is! Hopefully, I will have something decent to share by the time the spotlight comes to me.
Till later!


  1. How's the flooring coming? Can't wait to see the room in all its glory! How about a door to close it off from view from everyone that comes through the front door. LOL

    1. Linda, the flooring is in the living room, the furniture is in the kitchen, and I'm sorting scrapbook stuff all over the dining room table. I won't be changing the doorways because my office will be a welcoming space! We can hope!

  2. I love your philosophy about not cleaning up when friends come over! Honesty is a virtue! :) And actually, I don't think it looks disorganized - you can immediately see everything, which must provide constant inspiration. It looks like a playground that I would love to play in. My heart beats a little faster when I look at the awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!